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Brand Strategist, LinkedIn
Remote | United States

We’re looking for a passionate, motivated, and experienced Brand Strategist, LinkedIn to join our growing media team. This role is responsible for overseeing all content produced for Alex Hormozi and Leila Hormozi’s LinkedIn Pages. This includes the conception of posts, optimized formatting, and in-depth performance tracking to ensure we’re constantly improving our content.

This role reports to the Creative Director. You will work alongside the Mozi Media team.

Balancing data-backed strategy and creativity is what you do best. You understand the power of starting with a winning concept, proper formatting for maximum engagement, and detailed performance tracking to inform future content. You’ve done this before at a high level and are able to show the trackable progress you made on previous LinkedIn pages you ran.

Brand Strategist, LinkedIn Responsibilities

  • Leading concepting – using previously top-performing content on other platforms as starting point for posts we know will win
  • Setting up a time with Alex & Leila individually to interview them for ‘original content’ posts
  • Creating photo shot lists for images needed and coordinating with Project Manager to have the creative team execute
  • Post and manage the LinkedIn page
  • 2 daily posts Monday thru Thursday on Alex Hormozi’s page
  • 2 daily posts Monday thru Thursday on Leila Hormozi’s page
  • 3 posts per week on the page
  • Ensure all materials for each LinkedIn post are delivered ahead of time for proper review
  • Develop a comprehensive plan to maximize the success of posts on LinkedIn
  • Monitor and analyze engagement with posts on LinkedIn to identify areas for improvement
  • Create optimized posts for LinkedIn, adjusting the content for different target audiences
  • Develop effective strategies for lead generation through LinkedIn posts
  • Monitor changes in LinkedIn algorithms and adjust strategies accordingly
  • Stay up-to-date on best practices for LinkedIn posts
  • Regularly checking channel analytics and communicating highlights and trends with the entire team
  • Monthly performance reporting
  • Create and document Linkedin Brand Strategy 

Brand Strategist, LinkedIn Requirements

  • Deep understanding of the LinkedIn landscape - concepts, copy formatting, use of imagery, use of video
  • 1+ years of relevant experience on LinkedIn
  • Proven track record of successful optimization of posts on LinkedIn
  • Willing to work in a fast-paced environment with an openness to change
  • Excellent written and verbal communication skills
  • Knowledge of current trends in the digital landscape
  • Ability to work independently and as part of a team
  • Proficiency with GSuite
  • Knowledge of editing and photoshop is considered an asset but not essential.

Brand Strategist, LinkedIn Results

  • Alex Hormozi’s LinkedIn page reaches 300k followers by Q2 2024
  • Leila Hormozi’s LinkedIn page reaches 150k followers by Q2 2024
  • Increased engagement with LinkedIn posts
  • Improved lead generation through LinkedIn posts
  • Increased visibility of company brand on LinkedIn


  • $70,000 - $90,000


  • Remote, open to relocating to Las Vegas (we value in-person work on this team)

Brand Strategist, LinkedIn Communication Expectations

  • We use Slack – it is the go-to for any communications
  • We value over-communication (the more context, the better)
  • We value speed in communication (be prompt in responding or provide context as to why you may be slow to respond)
  • Weekly Creative Team Meetings
  • Weekly meetings with Creative Director
  • Weekly meetings with vendors

Brand Strategist, LinkedIn Availability

  • Hours of Communication: M-F 7 am – 5 pm PT
  • Hours of Work: Flexible to work any time with the ability to work weekends when needed. Core Values

Our core values are the heart and soul of this incredible company. The right person for this role will appreciate each of these values, personally subscribe to them, and understand why each is critical to having a great business. 

Competitive Greatness

Be at your best when your best is needed. Enjoyment of a hard challenge. Those who have the drive to constantly improve, the superior intellect and long term commitment to see incremental improvements become compounding returns.

Sincere Candor

Have the self awareness to accurately perceive and communicate hard truths that improve others and self, the courage to do so, and the humility to accept them, even when it hurts. Nothing great can be built without feedback: internally or externally.

Unimpeachable Character

Be the type of person with whom people are always proud to associate, personally and professionally. We look for true alignment of thoughts, words, and actions towards a goal worth pursuing.