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Chief Financial Officer
Remote | United States

As we enter into a strategic rebrand and grow our portfolio, is looking for a Chief Financial Officer. This position will require someone who understands not only the internal finance function, but also mergers and acquisitions of portfolio companies. 


The Chief Financial Officer is accountable for the accounting operations of all companies, including the production of periodic financial reports, maintenance of an adequate system of accounting records, and a comprehensive set of controls and budgets designed to mitigate risk, enhance the accuracy of the companies’ reported financial results, and ensure that reported results comply with generally accepted accounting principles as well as international financial reporting standards. This person will work closely with the CEO and the portfolio companies, providing both tactical and strategic support to ensure all financial operations are efficient, compliant and accurate. A successful controller will maintain a strong understanding of businesses' overall operations and areas of risk, while weighing those risks against company priorities. 


  • 8 AM - 4 PM PT 


  • $200,000 - $230,000 + Bonus


  • believes great people are at the center of every successful business.
  • Medical, Vision, Dental Benefits
  • Unlimited PTO
  • 401(k) with employer match
  • Fully remote working environment


  • Implementation of appropriate financial controls in order to ensure compliance with accepted accounting processes and legal requirements
  • Responsible for budgeting, financial data analysis, record-keeping, and financial reporting to senior management
  • Develop and track various deal related KPIs for current and future acquisitions.
  • Develop processes and systems to properly track profitability by each portfolio company 
  • Provide training and coaching to acquired portfolio investment’s teams for all finance and compliance related questions. 
  • Assist portfolio companies with hiring and planning of their financial departments
  • Review and analyze the financial statements of the portfolio companies and report key metrics to the leadership team.
  • Assist the Business Development team in assessing fit of potential portfolio partners. 
  • Shepard the deal of potential partners through the legal drafting process until signing
  • Conduct the financial diligence process for potential portfolio companies
  • Prepare the businesses’ annual budgets and oversee financial reports from accounting team(s) in order to confirm precise reviews of the businesses’ current and projected financial position, ensuring the integrity of information
  • Validate all financial controls and procedures within the business, ensuring the adequate maintenance of proper policies and procedures in the areas of finance, accounting, and tax in order to maintain suitable internal controls that lead to complete, accurate, and timely financial reporting
  • Manage audits of the business by working closely with external auditing firms when appropriate
  • Evaluate current operational policies and practices within the financial department and strives to drive continuous improvement in all financial matters
  • Establish and implement accounting procedures and policies in accordance with generally accepted accounting principles and applicable local, state and federal laws (including international)
  • Generate periodical consolidated financial reporting that is timely, accurate, and usable by the business in assessing its financial position
  • Review financial issues that directly impact the business’s financials inclusive of the businesses' expenses that have to be reimbursed to the businesses and all deductible and non-deductible tax items
  • Under the direction of the CEO, analyze the financial impact of major business operational issues and decisions affecting the business and delivering timely reports as requested
  • Perform and direct treasury functions within the business specifically including banking relationships and management
  • Supervise the business’s process in order to select weekly/monthly/quarterly payments in accordance to the financial obligations and liquidity levels of the business
  • Review accounting entries on a regular basis in order to ensure that there is accuracy and timeliness, maintaining a strict confidentiality of operational, financial, and business information
  • Support CEO with external Financial requests such as auditors, CPAs, insurance brokers, merchant processors and more
  • Support the companies’ goals with coordination, planning and follow up of key changes, working alongside stakeholder management
  • Comply with local, state, and federal government (including International as applicable) reporting requirements and tax filings
  • Oversee the Finance Department’s day to day activities, ensuring all team members are executing their responsibilities professionally, accurately, and efficiently 
  • Execute HR tasks such as determining hiring needs, interviewing employees, overseeing the assignment of employees, training, conducting 1:1 meetings, planning staff development, and creating/improving all onboarding
  • Support the C-Suite to solve the company’s needs in any additional ways requested



  • Maintains knowledge and awareness across the finance department
  • Financial statements are complete and delivered in a timely manner to the Executive Team
  • Finance department operates in an accurate, efficient and professional manner
  • Annual budget and forecasts are produced and managed at all times 
  • Accounts Payable are paid in a timely manner
  • Accounts Receivable are collected promptly
  • Company’s accounting filing system is maintained in an orderly fashion
  • All controls and systems are properly maintained 
  • The Company is compliant with all Financial legal and regulatory requirements, and all record keeping meets the requirements of applicable auditors and government agencies
  • Executive Team has access to up to date and accurate financial information at all times both at the Holdco and portfolio level. 
  • The legal process to secure new deals moves smoothly to support the business development team.
  • All projects/activities are managed and up to date in Asana


  • Bachelor's degree in accounting or business administration, or equivalent business experience
  • 10+ years of progressively responsible experience for a major company or division of a large corporation
  • Previous experience working with mergers and acquisitions
  • Experience working with and/or managing multiple entities
  • Experience analyzing and making strategic recommendations to improve the financial departments of companies.
  • Experience working within varying CRMs and/or ERPs
  • Reasonable knowledge of tax policies/requirements as they apply to Finance and Accounting 
  • Previous management experience
  • Comfortable collaborating with other teammates to create new processes and/or streamline existing ones
  • Experience partnering with third parties used for outsourcing (i.e. Legal, Tax, Accounting)
  • The preferred candidate has a Certified Public Accountant
  • High level of written and oral communication skills
  • Extreme attention to detail



  • Communications on priority items via slack with CEO
  • Communications with Operational Stakeholders on short or priority items via slack
  • Long-form questions or requests, as well as low-priority items, are consolidated as best possible and communicated via Summary Email, with potential for follow-up via slack
  • All requests/responsibilities / projects are added to the Asana board and updated daily


  • Attends Weekly 1:1 with CEO 
  • Conducts Weekly 1:1 with each Direct Reports
  • Accomplishment Report is delivered to CEO by 5am CST on Monday
  • Attends all meetings as requested, including but not limited to (subject to change):
    • Daily, Weekly & Monthly Leadership Team Meetings 
    • Weekly Finance Team Meetings


  1. Search within all content/materials provided or available to retrieve answer or way of resolving situations
  2. Reach out to peers to gain insight into situations and see if a resolution can be found
  3. If still unresolved, reach out to CEO regarding situation (using methods of communication in line with priority)
  4. Follow up with CEO in a timely manner based on the priority of the request, and continue to do so until a resolution is found


Our core values are the heart and soul of this incredible company. The right person for this role will appreciate each of these values, personally subscribe to them, and understand why each is critical to having a great business. 

Competitive Greatness

Be at your best when your best is needed. Enjoyment of a hard challenge. Those who have the drive to constantly improve, the superior intellect and long term commitment to see incremental improvements become compounding returns.

Sincere Candor

Have the self awareness to accurately perceive and communicate hard truths that improve others and self, the courage to do so, and the humility to accept them, even when it hurts. Nothing great can be built without feedback: internally or externally.

Unimpeachable Character

Be the type of person with whom people are always proud to associate, personally and professionally. We look for true alignment of thoughts, words, and actions towards a goal worth pursuing.