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Onsite | Las Vegas, NV


We’re looking for a passionate, motivated, and intuitive videographer, specializing in run-n-gun vlog style filming as well as studio environment “direct-to-camera” filming, to join our growing creative team. This role is responsible for filming Leila Hormozi full-time. This will include things like business meetings, traveling days, studio productions, hair & makeup behind the scenes, and maybe even some fashion-centric content. This includes vlog-style filming multiple days per week as well as in-studio capture. This role is required to be in Las Vegas full-time with the ability to travel. This role reports to the YouTube Manager. You will work alongside the Mozi Media team.

Balancing the technical aspects of filming and the art of talent management are what you do best. Talent management in this context will involve directorial facilitation of vlog-style shooting (asking followup questions, keeping momentum and energy high, proactively communicating filming needs and requests, openness to feedback and willingness to suggest novel ideas). You understand the best practices of framing, lighting, and audio while also knowing how to manage talent energy, work with admin teams, and ask thought provoking questions. You’ve done this before at a high level and are able to show the trackable progress you made on previous content you’ve worked on.

This role is very important in the company, as you will be spending a large amount of time with the CEO and greatly involved in their personal life. Above all else we look for someone who embodies our core values and is committed to the privacy of the CEO.


  • Vlog filming 3-5 days per week
  • Studio/Direct-to-Camera filming 1-2 days per week
  • Setting up studio shoots (lighting, framing, audio, props)
  • Shooting stills daily for use in social content
  • Contribute themes for episodes of ‘The Hormozis’ in pre-production
  • Ask engaging questions while vlogging
  • Interacting with studio staff, hair stylists, makeup artists, wardrobe specialists, set designers, showrunners, and more.
  • Pay close attention to comments on both channels to inform how you film future videos
  • Adding footage promptly to Google Drive & Asana
  • Updating assigned tasks and communicating updates with team in Asana


  • We will be available to film Leila every day of the week
  • Leila's social accounts see a significant increase in her female audience
  • Increase in episodes of ‘The Hormozis’
  • Leila genuinely wants to film more because the experience is positive
  • New and novel storylines are captured and brought to the team
  • Learnings are documented and integrated to improve film sessions on a continual basis
  • All footage is uploaded and organized according to standard
  • “Leave everything better than you found it” in terms of filming in personal space


  • 4+ years of relevant experience in video production
  • Proven success on YouTube as the videographer for a growing channel
  • Talent Management Ability
  • Experience with keeping highly sensitive information confidential
  • Highly effective communicator and conversationalist
  • Deep understanding of the YouTube space
  • Strong understanding of reality TV and vlog pacing and how to create storylines
  • Speed and clarity in communication (primarily in Slack)
  • Willing to work in a fast-paced environment with an openness to change


  • Las Vegas, NV
  • Traveling when Alex and Leila travel or as necessary


  • $65,000 to $80,000


  • believes great people are at the center of every successful business.
  • Medical, Vision, Dental Benefits
  • Flexible PTO
  • 401(k) with employer match


Our core values are the heart and soul of this incredible company. The right person for this role will appreciate each of these values, personally subscribe to them, and understand why each is critical to having a great business.

Competitive Greatness

Be at your best when your best is needed. Enjoyment of a hard challenge. Those who have the drive to constantly improve, the superior intellect and long term commitment to see incremental improvements become compounding returns.

Sincere Candor

Have the self awareness to accurately perceive and communicate hard truths that improve others and self, the courage to do so, and the humility to accept them, even when it hurts. Nothing great can be built without feedback: internally or externally.

Unimpeachable Character

Be the type of person with whom people are always proud to associate, personally and professionally. We look for true alignment of thoughts, words, and actions towards a goal worth pursuing.