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GYM Launch


After scaling his chain of gyms to 6 locations, Alex founded Gym Launch-- a service business that specialized in brick & mortar gym turnarounds. After almost two years, and 32+ turnarounds, the demand for their time outstripped their ability to fly on site. They transformed the business from an in-person turnaround business to a licensing business. They began licensing their marketing, sales processes, pricing, retention, retail, and ascension systems to over 4000+ brick & mortar facilities. The company scaled to over $2,300,000 per month within the first 12 months, with $17,000,000 in profit in their first full year of licensing. The business continues to service gyms across 13 countries.

Prestige Labs


After successfully replicating his gym model in thousands of gyms, Alex & Leila co-founded Prestige Labs, a sports nutrition company. They contracted the worlds foremost expert on nutrition and supplementation Dr Trevor Kashey. together they were able to custom formulate the most potent supplement line in the US (even being banned in many countries because the ingredients are not available over the counter.) The business exploded in revenue climbing to $1,700,000 per month within its first six months of operating. The company's growth hinged on 1) unimpeachable quality 2) aggressive affiliate commissions 3) a uniquely build payment processing and logistics back end that allowed brick & mortar facilities to realize more profit while foregoing the traditional cost of inventory.



After successfully launching the licensing and supplement company, Leila, Alex, and Suzanne co-founded ALAN (Artificial Lead Automation & Nurture) a company based in automating the most arduous part of acquisition for brick & mortar businesses: working their leads. After 12 months of development, they launched the product with the sole intention of getting a higher percentage of leads to schedule and show without the need for human interaction. The company was a smashing success soaring to over $1,400,000 per month in the first six months from its launch. It's success hinged on: 1) its ability to deliver on its core promise - it gets 1.9x more leads to show than the average front desk clerk 2) Strong affiliate interests to generate demand 3) Very sticky monetization system

Enchanted Fairies


We were approached by these founders in 2020 to help their company grow. At the time, they had an agency and 1 photography studio location. We co-founded a new company together with a new hybrid model for their brick and mortar location to expand with less operating overhead, and higher margins, while keeping charity as the primary driver of the company. Fourteen months later, they had cut their agency and gained fourteen $1M+ locations. Revenue has increased 500% in that period of time, and the growth pace continues to hasten. Enchanted Fairies is a wonderful company that we are proud to be associated with it.

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