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Gen Z Doesn't Want to Work for Bad Bosses

Employers aren't just competing with other companies for talent. Gen Z sizes up traditional work to all other money-making opportunities. Guess which one is winning?

Does your employee value proposition (also known as EVP) even exist? If you do have an EVP, who's used it lately? The art of the side hustle has taken over the workforce, and why not? We've all watched the nightmare Tik Toks about bad bosses, toxic work environments, and pissy coworkers. 


It seems like Gen Z's answer is to opt out of the traditional work model and opt in to other opportunities to earn a living. So, if you're not a bad boss with a toxic environment, how do you even begin to compete with super flexible hours, decent earning potential, zero drama, and work-from-anywhere?

Here are some tips out of's approach:

  • Trust the people you hire. 
  • Prioritize your people. 
  • Nurture and respect differences.
  • Give people space to be authentic.
  • Coach and develop. Rinse. Repeat. 
  • Be the type of person other people want to work with.
  • Tell people that you appreciate them and be specific as to why. 
  • Recognize and reward the behavior you desire from the team.
  • Encourage everyone to use their vacation. 
  • Create the type of environment (be it virtual or whatever) that people want to spend time in.
  • Celebrate failed new ideas and successes. 

Be the boss you always wanted to have and fire anyone whose behaviors or attitude are toxic. Culture, people. The answer has always been and will always be culture.