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Big News at!

This won't help you become a better applicant, but it's a pretty big deal for us so I'm going to share it. Earlier this year, started the journey to validate our outstanding culture, and what happened next was utterly awesome.

We earned our very first certification for being a terrific place to work! Technically, we are a Great Place to Work, and we have the credential to prove it. 

If you are going through the hiring process, then you know that every recruiter talks about how great their company is... from free snacks to paid volunteer time, they put it all out there. But if you're part of Mozi Talent, then you know that sometimes the snacks just aren't worth it, and that not every company that talks the talk, walks the walk. 

We knew we are different, but how could we relay that to our candidates and new employees??

Ultimately, we decided to undergo a third-party certification process. We had to submit a ton of evidence - a thorough employee survey, sharing the demographics of our leadership team, and  outlining our employee benefits (especially around professional training and development and paid time off) in great detail, just to name a few. 

I'm thrilled to say that the investment we've made into building a terrific culture paid off! Not only did we receive the certification, but we also have feedback from our entire team on why they love being here. Thanks so much for being a part of our journey so far - all of you are a big reason that we love our jobs. We enjoy meeting you, working with you, interviewing you, and helping you find your next big thing. So, thanks for that. Appreciate you and hope to meet you one day at orientation!