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Get Promoted with These Four Secrets

Securing a job promotion may seem ambiguous at times, but there are four behaviors that nearly guarantee promotion. Find out what they are.

Why do some people seem to get promoted so easily, while others struggle? CEO, Leila Hormozi, offers a fresh perspective on this very question. She points out four behaviors that nearly guarantee promotion within a high growth organization and you may be surprised by them. 

If you don't have time to watch the video, here are the cliff notes. If you do have time, check it out. 

1. Stop giving your boss feedback about your peers. Go directly to them instead. Share the outcome with your boss, not the issue. If this doesn't give boss vibes, I don't know what does. As leaders, it's our jobs to challenge each other and hold one another accountable. 

2. Solicit feedback from people at lower levels of the organization. This is known as bottom-up feedback. Personally, I love this. I've not a huge fan of hierarchy within organizations because it can nurture the worst behavior. In short, humble yourself and ask people to level with you. Some of the best feedback I've received over the years was from people who reported to me. 

3. Go wider, not deeper, with your knowledge of the business. Most people think specialization is the key to their success; however, the deeper your knowledge becomes, the less you know about other areas of the business. How can you absorb new responsibilities if you only know one thing really well? Leaders in business have broad knowledge about a lot of different things. 

4. Do 20% of your bosses' job better than them. This doesn't mean that you do better and rub your bosses' nose in it, right? I like to leave work in a better place than I found it. Try applying that principle here. Improve the fruits of your bosses' labor in a way that's non-threatening and shows respect for the progress already made. 

Bottom line, people who demonstrate these behaviors consistently have a higher chance of being noticed and getting promoted.